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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

It's May! It's May!

Dock, Garlic Mustard, Celandine, Forsythia... LoVe from Nona Gaia.

I don't know about your world, but in mine Winter has taken his sweet time exiting his place on the seasonal stage. So even while this entrance of May stills feels his chill, I know deep in my being that the warmth of the season will manifest more tangibly in the coming days. After all, it is May Day! And as this Month enters, it offers the warming elements of our collective reality. And I am grateful, for as much as I feel the season's verve blossoming in my life, I have yet to sense and see its tangible reflections in my own little acre. I look out on this morning of sensual burgeoning and see the daffodil buds still swelling, yet not one in bloom. It feels disjointed, disharmonic, and it is... and also transient. 

Nothing is permanent. Nothing lasts forever. There are, after all, no straight lines in Nature. She evolves with or without us. So as the warmth of the sun emerges and shines on this May Day (and it will), let us honor and celebrate the blossoms around us, and within us, for they too are fleeting. Let us sing out together, "All hail the Queen of the May" and dance in the coming of summer with her, with one another, with all Life.


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