Google+ What I Made Today: June 2018

Friday, June 22, 2018

A New World

The solar event that took place Thursday morning was, as are all holy days of Nona Gaia's, a welcome event. In deed. Indeed. As I welcome the swelling buds of summer's arrival, and the transitional blooms of spring, I consider my friends in the southern hemisphere welcoming the arrival of winter, and the waxing daylight to come. I consider this as I welcome the waning daylight, and my long journey home to the darkness if winter.

I couldn't have ordered a more perfect day to welcome summer. And it was a perfect day to wallow about outdoors, to gently witness the magic and Medicine all around me. And to leverage some of the day's solar apex verve for some personal healing work.

As I hung my hat up at the long, long day's end, complete with the morning crown of daisies, red clover, white clover, rue, and sacred sage, I offered gratitude for the simple choices I make, for the simple blessings I hold, and offered a prayer that others may know such blessings in the hard and greedy world we have made manifest. And Nona Gaia responded, "You can remake your creation. Or I can do it for you."

So now I ask, on this first full day of summer, that you join me in Dreaming, Doing, and Manifesting a World in which we can all feel safe, cared for, nurtured and nourished.


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Make the Medicine

Just as the last of the transplants are placed in the earth, other plants come full with a demanding shout, "Harvest! Harvest!"

There's motherwort, mullein leaf, and catnip hanging to dry, and cleavers, violet leaf, and red clover blossoms taking turns in the dehydrator.

Every day there's something to harvest.

And yet every day there's moments to sit, be, and b.r.e.a.t.h.e. as I witness the evolution and miracles around me, within me, and those yet to imagine and be witness to.

It's these moments of stillness in which the greatest Medicine is extracted.

Make a moment. Extract the Medicine.