Google+ What I Made Today: January 2019

Monday, January 14, 2019

Nuanced Medicine

heART journal spread in progress
This past week I became obsessed with - what I can only call - nuance. I honed in on seeking it in my doings, and goings, and beings. It was a provocative and harmonizing étude. And rather enlightening, too.

Eventually, on Sunday, I expressed a less than poetic harangue to a small gathering of lovely women of how we - from my perspective - live in times where nuance is dismissed, denied, and demonized... to a cusp where we no longer see the beautiful places where colors blend, the fertile spaces where roots entwine... the shared oikos where we might otherwise recognize, acknowledge, and honor how unity nourishes and sustains.

I wore black and white that day as a physical reminder and inspiration to continue the adventure into the blending and entwining spaces of thought, action, love, life and spirit. It ended up being a remarkably prickly challenge. One that surprised me with a deep sense of compassion for another, and for myself. One that surprised me with nuance. One that surprised me with Medicine. 

I'm still obsessing. Will you join me?

Peace. 🕊

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Welcome January

It's really winter now.

And with it - for me - comes the most earnest of the quiet
time, still time, and inner time that I experience throughout
the whole of the year's turning. Yet, unlike the rather
indulgent dark days that lean into winter, these dark days
have a light that shines progressively brighter on that which
is vital, that which must be seen, that which cannot be denied.

As the calendar flips and winter sinks roots, I see myself,

winged, flying under an obscure wire. As I reflect on the
mystery in this portrayal, I also pull it into the cryptic 
guidance received from my full year reading. As I do, I see
the roots that have coiled, curled, and grown around one
another since my new year in November. I gaze outward from
a perched position into the shared garden of life and ponder
the mysteries that are broadcast there. I sense the plants - their
roots and seeds - luring me deeper into their subtle seduction.
In this place we - the plants and I - lean into one another, and
at once I observe the plants recoiling from others. I hear their
tacit longing and feel - yet again - a fathomless heart tug to be
better champion... for them, for the earth, for all life. And an
oath is renewed.

I glide throughout this terrain that they - my beloved

botanicals, my rooted ancestors - reveal to me. I listen intently
for their expressions. I hear and feel a deep-reaching blessing
wrench from the roots of my heart's actions and axioms. And
without doubt or question, I know that the plants want more of
this kind of attention. From all of us.

And an oath is renewed.

Peace. 🕊