Google+ What I Made Today: July 2019

Monday, July 8, 2019

Simple Serendipity

I'm still making Summer Time for heART Medicine, and this little page is a simple inspiration for this month's Art Journal Journey's challenge, We're All/Going.

The words, from a recent podcast titled Eldering into Hope, were already on the page, as were the shimmering gold 'n' silver watercolor strokes. Atop that I drew a simple imagined crowd, and stitched them together with my old, already threaded, Brother sewing machine.

I dig the serendipity of the different parts of this page, and how they all came together. The words magically work with the challenge, as does the topic of the podcast from which they came; the silver 'n' gold conjured a song sung years ago - Make New Friends in Girl Scouts; and having just resurrected the old sewing machine this past week for some other heART journaling projects simply pulled it all together for this challenge.

It seems a perfect and simple serendipity.

Peace. 🕊