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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

This Year's Farmer's Wine

Yesterday I bottled two gallons of 2018/2019 farmer’s wine.
This sweet, organic, cane sugar wine was made with black currant, rhubarb, wild grape, rosehips, elderberry, bilberry, hibiscus, all coaxed to life with the first blooms of elder.
And there’s lots of love in there too.
I make this wine most every summer when the elders start to bloom. I pull all the suitable fruit from the prior year from the freezer, add it to the fermentation container with organic cane sugar, water, add an herb or two or three or more, and stir in the elderflowers to get the fermentation started. Once it gets going and the fruit is strained out, I continue to add sugar until the fermentation is done. No specific gravity readings, just keep adding sugar 'til the faeries are full. Then it rests and its carboy until autumn, when it gets bottled.
Being a wild fermentation, it’s a gamble, as you can never be certain as to how it will behave, and it’s typically sweeter than I prefer, but always spirited and so far has always been drinkable, and often quite delightful. Like this year. 
This batch is already drinkable, and quite nice for gentle, sweet sipping, and it makes an exceptional spritzer. ::nods::
Sláinte! 🕊

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Fun, Factual, Weird, and Breathtaking said...

Sounds so fun to do! My grandmother used to make her own "grape juice," and the year it fermented she swore it was the best she ever made but kept denying that it was now wine. I still have a bottle she made which has been sealed.