Google+ What I Made Today: October 2019

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Hot Pepper Ferment

I was gifted these beauties a short time ago. Remember?
I set some to fermenting.
I strained them, blended the solids, returned them to their juice to "finish" fermenting.
I strained it all again, bottled the deliciously fiery liquids...
...and set the marc to dehydrating. I thought I'd powder it, but it really doesn't want to powder, so I'm leaving it in flakes; delicious flakes of various sizes, the best being those I can easily pick out with my fingers to savor like tangy, spiced candy. ::nods::

Today, I'll be doing... something with the who-knows-how-many pounds of green tomatoes.

And we haven't had a real frost to speak of... so we still have beans, celery, celeriac, peppers, lemon grass, beets, parsley, lettuce, carrots, etc., and a host of other cold-hardy friends in the gardens.

And while this "harvest season" is lingering and invoking weariness, and while I'm looking forward to the first "killing" frost, I am grateful. Mightily.

Peace. 🕊 

Monday, October 14, 2019

Fresh Parsley Salt

The parsley grew with enthusiasm this year. And while I’m enjoying as much chimichurri with every meal as I possibly can, I’m seeking other ways to preserve the flavor and Medicine of the humble parsley, aside from dehydrating it, that is; I already have plenty of that.

So this morning while the pears were coming to a simmer, I made parsley salt. It’s in the dehydrator now, and I’m hoping the finished flavor and color thrills me as much as I think it will. ::fingers crossed::
And for those wondering, I chopped the fresh parsley fine until I had at least three gently packed cups, and to that I added a cup of kosher salt. In small batches, I ground it all to a mash in my suribachi (any mortar 'n' pestle will do), and then it's ready for the dehydrator.

You can do this with any fresh herb, or blend of herbs. ::nods:: 

Peace. 🕊

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Autumn Fey

The sketch was made last week, and embellished with watercolor this morning.
My practice of heART journaling is always good Medicine.

Peace. 🕊

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

October Blessings.

Autumn is a busy season, until it isn't. So, too, with October. This first day of the month commences with a large pot of tomatoes, onion, garlic, vinegar, herbs-n-spices simmering into ketchup to can, and a three-bean salad also heading for the canner, both started on the last day of September. There are cranberry beans to harvest for drying, and still much growing and producing in the gardens ‘n’ wild spaces; botanicals for Food and Medicine to collect and tend.
For me, October is a month of frantic stillness. It is a ritual month for rooting, reflecting and projecting. Holistically. I make time 'n' space to dive deep into waxing shadows, the choices and challenges that impact my personal, interpersonal, social, global, and spiritual realms, all the while doing my best to stay rooted in The Moment. These considerations and meditations fit sweetly into the activities of the season, as they all mesh to nurture, sustain, and comfort me – and others – in the days of ahead.
May your thoughts and actions serve you – and our world – in ways that nurture, sustain, and comfort.

Peace. 🕊