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Friday, May 14, 2021

Perpetual Spinach

This week we cut back our perpetual spinach. Perpetual spinach, also called beet spinach 'round these parts is actually a chard, and we’ve been harvesting it all spring to add to our salads. But it was time to cut it down, strip the tender leaves, give them a steam and a cold water plunge, before lightly straining and packaging it all into two pint containers for the freezer.

The stems were simmered with astragalus root, some bay leaves, and sea salt to create a stock to use for a risotto.

I bless my garden, it blesses me. I bless the earth, she blesses me. 

Peace. 🕊🌱🕊

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Cherie said...

I think my chard is about ready to strip and replant.It's served me well these past six months.