Google+ What I Made Today: February 2022

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Layers 'n' Patterns

Imbolc blessings to you, and welcome to the midpoint twixt winter 'n' spring, the space tucked between winter solstice 'n' the vernal equinox.

It's February, and I'm emerging - gently and in earnest - from my deep winter... hmm... experience, for lack of better phrasing. 

It has been a time of suspension where I severed myself from obvious routines, and in doing so gained awareness of hidden patterns; subtle, nuanced 'n' layered routines that have now become a focus of my workwork that will undoubtedly continue as the wheel of the year turns, and as I restore refreshed routines that nourish, introduce new ones that sustain and add value beyond the self, and as I cast off routine that does not. And it is certain that new patterns will emerge as I nurture the work.

It's been a time that has offered glimpses into undisguised and nuanced layers of living which I deem discretionary 'n' non-discretionary in my life... and in the greater world that we all share.

It has been a time that has offered me selection; a mighty privilege, methinks, in these days in which we live. And my sense is that the options 'n' choices carry weight 'n' meaning... to my life and the life we all share. 

It's been an unlikely suspension, rich in dynamic quiet 'n' stillness, and now, with the arrival of the final full month of winter, I welcome February and embrace the season of intentional 'n' holistic seeding and tending.

That said, I've leveraged this time of suspension to rest, recall and be, as well as to explore, play, create, and so have a number of things made for upcoming monthly holistic Medicine bundles, as well as a chronicle of things I wish to create for us when the season/time is ripe. For now I won't be scheduling any unrequested classes, yet will continue to work with active students-n-clients and make their requests open to all when and if fitting. Also, I'm not sure, but spontaneous video sharings may make manifest as the wheel of the year progresses. Stay tuned. Keep watch. Be safe. Act with compassion. And make some time 'n' space for a peek into your own layers 'n' patterns. ::nods::

Peace. 🕊