Google+ What I Made Today: April 2022

Friday, April 1, 2022

Buon pesce d’aprile!


Or, if you prefer, happy April fools' day. 

That, and a new moon too.

This April arrives with me emptying, 'n' releasing, as is my new moon habit. This pursuit allows me examine - every month - "things" that don't nourish 'n' sustain the world (and me) in any way, and offers me an opportunity to offer thanks and release them to go where they are needed, wanted, 'n' worthy. These "things" include activities, behaviors, relationships of every kind. Now, as the moon waxes again, I shift my focus to filling my vessel with "things" that do nourish 'n' sustain the world (and me). That this new moon makes manifest with Pesce d'aprile (April fools' day) offers me a potentially playful perspective to consider as I fill my waxing lunar vessel. 

We live in odd times, though the foolish ancients and their consorts of folly remind me that all times are odd times. That said, I feel challenged to lighten up, to embrace some folly, familiar 'n' foreign. It's a challenge to be light in heavy times. And it can be Medicine. And I feel drawn to it, and shall do my best to heed the tug of the mystery that guides me... nourishes 'n' sustains me.

I hope you will too. Consider this your invitation. 

Peace. 🕊