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My Art Offerings

My approach to art is primarily intuitive and rooted in healing, wellness and personal evolution. It is the process - the ritual - of creating that I focus on, and the messages, lessons and wisdom that make manifest through the act of creating ~ not the finished piece. I am dedicated to art journaling and love sharing the joys and benefits of this daily practice ~ among other things ~ with others.

In short, creating art and working with herbs and sharing these experiences with others are all Medicine ~ Medicine that belongs to every one of us. 

HEALING ART - healing expression
~ creative play and intuitive art workshops inspired to nurture holistic health, wellness and personal evolution offered on-location at studio #336 at Whiting Mills in Winsted, CT.
  • heART Journaling Day - takes place every 4th Sunday from 10am to 1pm throughout the "winter months.  "
  • Create your own Art Journal workshop - learn a simple method of bookbinding to create your very own art journal, scheduled throughout the year, and by request.

  • Divine Your Divinity - an afternoon workshop to explore the "Face of the Feminine Divine" as you perceive it, as you relate to it, and to create “Her” image using meditation, intention, paint and mixed media techniques,  all the while nurturing relationship with your spiritual connection to Life.
  • Waking the Wyld Womyn - an afternoon workshop intended to excavate, wake, love and express your wyld-womyn-child! You will be guided in creating journeys and pieces of healing art that open you to your inner wildness, that part of you that's be tamed, tempered, even caged, perhaps since you were a we one.
For more information regarding any of these workshops you may visit my Events Pagesubscribe to my monthly newsletter,  join us on Facebook or contact me at walkinthewoodsllc at gmail dot com ~ whatever's easiest for you!