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My Wellness Offerings

Holistic Wellness Sessions, Classes, Workshops and Community Gatherings have historically been offered at my Whiting Mills studio in sunny Winsted, Connecticut. In these days of Covid-19 things are changing and evolving, which - Covid-19 or not - is as it should be. That said, all that follows is changing and will be changing as we adapt to... Life.

August 2020 update

Holistic Wellness Services - $PWYW, and FREE to BIPOC folk.

In the spirit of Community, and Health 'n' Wellness Justice, all of my services are $PWYW (Pay What You Wish), and are FREE to BIPOC folk. This includes all one-on-one and group sessions that I offer such as learning or wellness consultations, healing sessions, intuitive readings, and whatever we may cook up together.

There are variable fees for material goods, should those be part of your chosen service.

These sessions, now offered via Zoom and FaceTime, are customized for you. Your session might be focused on holistic herbal options, or time with meditative or energetic healing work, or consulting the cards. You session might be time focused on developing your home apothecary, or DIY/MYO endeavors. It might be your first time meeting with me, or it might be a follow-up. It might be a wellness gather of your making. In any event, all of these services are offered to you by appointment, $PWYW, and FREE to BIPOC folk.

And for the sake of clarity: While these sessions are $PWYW, and FREE to BIPOC folk, any herbs or herbals or other items are available for purchase, if desired, at standard cost, and I do my best to keep such items affordable to all.

If you don't know this already: Everything I make, I teach, and I'd love to teach you to create the Medicine that works for you, in the way that works for you, which includes your traditions. And what that means is that you may teach me as much - if not more - than I teach you. What I do my best to offer is YOUR Medicine, OUR Medicine: The Medicine of the People.

I'd LoVe to work with you, so I invite you to contact me if you're interested in a session of any kind, even if it's just to get to know one another!

Keep in mind that you may realize benefits from a wellness session even if you are healthy and well ~ in fact, that's what roots me to this holistic and botanical work that I do! As I have said for years … don't wait to get sick to Be Well.

All sessions are By Appointment Only - and currently online. 

Walk in the Woods School of Botanical Wellness

In addition to workshops, Walk in the Woods School of Botanical Wellness offers "formal" herbal studies via Zoom (during our COVID-19 challenge). This flexible and selective curriculum is a combination of Core Modules, Workshops, and (creative, distance) Apprentice Time. 

Walk in the Woods School of Botanical Wellness herbal studies may be taken purely as desired without interest in certification, or with an objective to obtain a Walk in the Woods School of Botanical Wellness certification - your choice.

The root of this choice, as I stress in our Introduction to Herbal Studies class, is that herbalism is The Medicine of the People, it's barefoot Medicine, it is a collaboration with Nona Gaia, and thus far there are neither certification nor licensing requirements to practice herbalism in the United States, and this is as it should be. Though there is increasing authoritative oversight from some states (including Connecticut) that may impact aspects of product-making for the commercial market. This is why we all must take an oath to Nona Gaia to learn the practices of herbalism and earth stewardship, practices that were common knowledge a mere generation-r-three ago.

We must reclaim our Power. And we must spread it like seeds.


In any event, you can begin your studies with the Introduction to Herbal Studies class, which offers you insight into the total curriculum (which is adaptable for Self Study, which I also stress, for it is key no matter what external studies you pursue). The Intro Class also introduces you to my (evolving) teaching style, my approach to collaborating with botanicals and the earth, and is intended to facilitate your decision as to whether my outline, my classes, etc., might be a "good fit" for you before committing to further studies.

Once you’ve taken the Introduction Class, you may join the Core Classes at any time. They may be scheduled according to your need and availability. I only ask that you begin Core Class studies within a year from the date of your Introduction class. Once you start the Core Classes, you can take them in any order you choose, in accordance with your desire, schedule and budget. Also, Workshops may be taken and Apprentice Time may be scheduled at any time, and many students prefer these learning and experiential opportunities over the Core Classes. Your most meaningful learning is about what resonates most deeply with you.

Walk in the Woods School of Botanical Wellness offers a certificate of completion that is awarded upon fulfillment of the Core and Workshop requirements as outlined below, including 25 hours of Apprentice time and ongoing demonstration of mastery. Commitment to the certification program is not required and need not hinder you from exploring any of these classes. Your herbal studies may be pursued over as much time as desired or needed, allowing for flexibility of schedule, commitment and financial considerations.

Certification course overview (8/2020 update):

Cost of Certification Study - FREE to our BIPOC community, and $PWYW (Pay What You Wish) to all others.
~ 21 Core Classes - online

~ 35 hours of Workshops - online
~ Demonstration of mastery

 $PWYW, and FREE to BIPOC folk - Currently scheduled by appointment:
  • Intro to Herbal Studies, Physiology & Materia Medica
  • Physiology ~ Digestive System
  • Physiology ~ Integumentary System
  • Physiology ~ Cardiovascular / Circulatory System
  • Physiology ~ Renal / Urinary System
  • Physiology ~ Respiratory System
  • Physiology ~ Nervous System
  • Physiology ~ Endocrine System
  • Physiology ~ Lymphatic System
  • Physiology ~ "Liver System"
  • Physiology ~ Reproductive Systems
  • Physiology ~ Muscular System
  • Physiology ~ Skeletal System
  • Herbal Pharmacology
  • Cautions and Contraindications
  • Treatment Determinations
  • Dosage and Treatment Plans
  • Food as Medicine - Nutrition (taught as an open workshop)
  • Making Herbal Medicines - Alcohol Extracts  (taught as an open workshop)
  • Making Herbal Medicines - Water & Vinegar Extracts  (taught as an open workshop)
  • Making Herbal Medicines - Oil Extracts  (taught as an open workshop)

For more information regarding these studies please contact me.

WORKSHOPS  - FREE to our BIPOC community, and $PWYW to all others.
These are just some of the workshops that may be offered - and that are open to anyone and everyone, without prerequisite (the Intro Class in not necessary), and regardless of knowledge or experience. For dates and times, please contact me to schedule something, or visit the "What's Coming Up" page. You might want to subscribe to our newsletter, or join us on FaceBook to receive event notices. 

Here are some of my current potential offerings, all of which are in flux as we transition to virtual learning from the usual hands-on classroom venue (this is a challenge):

  • Botanical of the Month
  • Breast Wellness - A Holistic Herbs and Attitude Workshop
  • Delicious Winter Medicines
  • Fermenting Wellness
  • First Aid Herbs for the Home Herbalist
  • Herbs to Relax By
  • Holistic and Herbal Aphrodisiacs
  • Making and Enjoying Your Own Herbal Oil Infusions
  • Make Your Own Anointing Oils
  • Make Your Own Bath Blend Bundles
  • Make Your Own Gratitude Potion
  • Make Your Own Balms/Salves
  • Make Your Own Herbal Elixirs, Oxymels and Shrubs
  • Make Your Own Alcohol-Free Herbal Medicines
  • Make Your Own Alcohol Extracts/Tinctures
  • Making Libations - spirited and soft
  • Making Vinegar Infusions for Nutrition, Wellness and Delight
  • Making Your Own Botanical Cordials and Liqueurs
  • Making Your Own Flower Essences
  • Mystical, Magical, Spiritual Herbs
  • Plant Spirit Medicine - A Lecture and Meditation Workshop
  • Sip Your Way to Wellness - An Herbal Tea Blending Workshop
  • Sprouting an Herbal Business
  • The Organic Garden - Planning, Growing, Tending, Sustaining
  • The Bitter Truth – Delicious Bitter Tonics, Medicines for Food and Drink
  • Wellness and The Wheel of the Year – Autumn
  • Wellness and The Wheel of the Year - Winter
  • Wellness and The Wheel of the Year - Spring
  • Wellness and The Wheel of the Year - Summer
  • Wild Foods
  • ~ and others, some of which can be tailored just for you!
For more information regarding any of these workshops, please visit the "What's Coming Up" Pagejoin me on Facebook or subscribe to my newsletter ~ these are the best ways to keep up with the schedule! Of course, you may contact me at walkinthewoodsllc at gmail dot com or call me at 860.480.3642.

~ rose
Walk in the Woods, LLC
Winsted, Connecticut