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What's Coming Up

In these days of COVD-19 and its variants, we continue to remain in a time of flux and shift, and must be willing to flow 'n' evolve as we transform our world... as we compost all that no longer or never worked for us, and plant new seeds to nurture a new garden that acknowledges, honors and sustains all. All. Together.
Last update 2/1/2022
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My December-January suspension has some lingering impacts to scheduled events.
For now I won't be scheduling any unrequested classes, yet will continue to work with active students-n-clients and make their requests open to all when and if fitting. 
Also, I'm not sure, but spontaneous video sharings may make manifest as the wheel of the year progresses. 
Stay tuned. Keep watch. Be safe. Act with compassion. 


🕊 Peace and...

Be well by Nature!

Walk in the Woods, LLC

Winsted, Connecticut